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You have a project on your desk for a plastic enclosure and the product for which it’s a part of is going to market. The thought of 3D Printing it comes to mind but the cosmetic requirements are strict. What’s your best option?

Urethane Casting is a quick manufacturing process to make small and large enclosures without commitment to a hard tool. We start with a high resolution 3D Printed master pattern which gets hand finished. It is then encased in a high durometer silicone which we create a tool from. Resin is poured through the tool in vacuum and castings are produced once cured.

Parts appear to be the same as Injection Molded parts to the untrained eye though the initial investment is much lower. That makes this process great for appearance parts and short-run production.

With roughly 5,000 resins at our disposal we can make Urethane Castings to match or behave like nearly any production grade plastic. Post-op finishing options are available as well with custom painting up to automotive grades being most popular.

Regular Urethane Casting tools can pull 30+ parts before needing another investment in a new tool. This also makes the part well suited for a design that’s rapidly changing.

To find out if your requirement is suitable for Urethane Casting, email your files to [email protected]