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Supply Chain and Purchasing

Rapid Axis is trusted by Supply Chain and Purchasing departments at many major companies for our capabilities in both prototyping and production. With a variety of services supported, short lead times and quality guaranteed; the choice is simple.

Why companies choose Rapid Axis

Our History with Supply Chain and Purchasing

In recent times, supply chain issues have brought some companies to a grinding halt. All it takes is one company in your chain to close or have issues, then suddenly your production schedules are pushed and your customers have to be informed of delays.

During the pandemic Rapid Axis became a versatile supply chain solutions provider and was able to either work in-house or find suppliers for everything from materials to secondary finishing operations. This led to so few delays in our supply chain that customers repeatedly came back to us for component builds and secondary operations that they simply could not source anywhere else.

Our goal is to be the only manufacturing partner you need and to adjust to your project’s special requirements as required by your project.

There are three big issues that come with long supply chain challenges. The first is that timelines can be extended. As each company needs to do their part and hand it off to the next vendor, lapses in communication or process speed will delay the project.

Next, you might get a low-quality part. It’s easy for one step of the chain to blame another when it comes to the part’s quality. On top of that, the final responsibility falls in a gray area.

Finally, the cost will add up. Each vendor will upcharge their service, and you need to continually pay that upcharge across the board.

Sticking with a single vendor like Rapid Axis can alleviate those issues, and make your deliverable a success with every order.

Why Supply Chain and Purchasing Agents

Let’s talk about some specific reasons why a supply chain and purchasing company might choose Rapid Axis. These are examples pulled from our customers in the past.

Minimize Paperwork and Company Vetting

Some of our larger customers have very specific rules and ways of working when it comes to working with an outside vendor. For instance, you might have paperwork and certain vetting steps you need to go through before the first purchase order with a company.

If this involves financial summaries and NDA’s, you could have dozens of forms you need to track and follow up on. Instead, you could have it all done through one source at Rapid Axis. Benefit from a single company that provides dozens of different services.

Through us you can vett one organization and have process, finishing and quality control completed. We also flowdown our customer quality requirements through our own partners when required so there is no inconsistency on quality.

Less Tracking for You

Another headache that we commonly hear is the need to follow up with five companies as they prepare your part. Some companies are more responsive than others, and some really drag their feet during the process.

Instead, you’ll just have to talk to one person at Rapid Axis. They’ll provide you with updates, timelines, and any additional information you should know. We’re always available by phone or email, so you don’t have to search hard to find a Rapid Axis team member.

Thanks to this, you can give more detailed and up-to-date information to your team and leadership. Since no one is in the dark during this process, there are no surprises.

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One Contact for Accountability

Some fabrication companies can’t hit the quality or timelines that you need. They’ll make empty promises to trick you into doing business with them. Then, you won’t know how badly-run their shop is until they deliver a subpar product late.

If you want to avoid dealing with this hassle, you can minimize the number of vendors you deal with, and only trust ones that have a long history of success. At Rapid Axis, we have a reputation that typically precedes us. We hit aggressive timelines, exceed your quality expectations, and act as a partner throughout the process. If an issue ever does arise you can hold one organization accountable and we will rework or repair expeditiously.

Whether you need one unit or one million units, allow us to help you.

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Faster Deliveries

Since all of our work comes from a single source, we can commit to faster deliveries. Regardless of your project, you’re likely to get it faster if you use Rapid Axis.

We have people on our team that are dedicated to expediting every process and tracking how our time is spent. The purpose is to deliver every project faster, to ensure you get time-critical parts even faster.

However, we don’t sacrifice on quality just to get parts to you faster. Quality and precision are among our biggest focuses and all components receive at the minimum a 1st Level Inspection. Our facility has a lot of efficiencies built in, and our staff is highly trained and passionate — that’s how we can speed up deliveries.

Enjoy Our Versatile Offerings

We offer dozens of different services. This can significantly shorten your supply chain, and might position us as the only vendor you need to deal with. Our robust offering of manufacturing and finishing steps should give you everything you’re looking for.

If you need a service that we do not accommodate in house, rest assured we have a fully vetted and qualified partner who can do the work and Rapid Axis will guarantee the results. As your manufacturing partner, we want to take as much stress away from you as possible.

Get High-Precision Results

Even though our parts get delivered quickly, we still have a prioritization on precision. You will only receive high-precision parts that meet your dimensional tolerances and specifications. Anything less than that would be doing a disservice to our customers.

We can repeatedly hit tight tolerances and consistently exceed your expectations.

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