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Rapid Axis is trusted by engineers at many major Robotics companies for our capabilities in both prototyping and production. With a variety of services supported, short lead times and quality guaranteed; the choice is simple.

Why companies choose Rapid Axis

Our History with Robotics Companies

Companies within the robotics industry have a lot of moving parts, no pun intended. You’re building complicated assemblies that have to move and be fully functional. Within that assembly, you might have dozens of unique parts and on the exterior a cosmetic enclosure. Some parts might use different fabrication methods and might require different finishing steps.

Rather than working with five different service bureaus to get the job done, you can stick to just one. At Rapid Axis, we offer sheet metal fabrication, CNC Machining, 3D printing, Urethane Casting, and Injection Molding. We also support any finishing requirements you may have from custom paint to powder coat or anodize in color.

With one company to contact and all the above services offered; you reap the benefits of faster turnarounds, more impressive qualities, competitive pricing and better communication. It also means that you don’t need to keep tabs on a number of different vendors — you’ll just be talking to and working with one company.

We’ve built arms, linkages, and bases for robotics companies in the past. As the industry grows, we’re seeing even more innovation and projects come through our warehouse.

Why Robotics Companies Choose Rapid Axis

There are a lot of reasons why robotics companies in the past have chosen to work with Rapid Axis. Between our capabilities and commitment to quality, it’s easy to understand our success in this industry.

Fully Capable Prototyping

For many robotics teams, the prototyping phase takes the most effort and stress. Your design might look good on the screen as a 3D assembly, but how well does it work in the real world? You won’t know the answer to that question until you have a physical assembly that you can test.

With our advanced prototyping, you can prove out your concepts, generate valid feedback, and find out how good your assembly is before wasting money on a production run.

If you use our CNC machining or 3D printing capabilities for prototyping, you’ll expedite the process. Something that might take weeks to achieve could be done in a few days. You’ll be able to iterate your design and get a new functional prototype back in no time.

A Reliable Partner in Your Corner

We understand that a robotics company needs a lot from a manufacturer. You’re not just looking for random parts, you need someone who will step with you through the process and help along the way.

At Rapid Axis, we act as a manufacturing partner for all of our customers. As you move from prototyping to production, we’ll be there with you. We can provide manufacturing advice whenever you need it, and we’ll handle all of the fabrication.

Our customers use us for the long haul. As your design matures and you need more, you can rely on us to provide the right solution and consistent quality..

Since we offer CNC machining, 3D printing, tooling and molding, and finishing operations, you don’t have to work with five different companies to get a single assembly. This will save you time and worry as you’ll have one point of contact to manage your project.

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Quality that Lasts

Components won’t leave Rapid Axis’s facility without being first approved by Quality Control. This not only applies to tolerances on components but also on cosmetic finishes.

If you’re selling commercial robotics, this boost in quality will enhance your product’s appearance. People will notice the difference, and your brand will grow a reputation.

If you’re using our services for robotics that you’ll be using in-house, then the quality is even more important. High-quality parts will keep your operation going with minimal downtime and high yields.

In addition, you won’t have to troubleshoot mechanical flaws if something goes wrong, you can focus on the programming and electrical side of things.

Industrial Robots With Yellow Arms Work On An Assembly Line In A High-Tech Manufacturing Factory. The Environment Is Clean And Well-Lit, With Various Machinery And Equipment Visible In The Background. The Robots Are Engaged In Automated Production Tasks.

High-Precision Parts

With robotics, precision can make or break your design. If a machine shop can’t hit your tolerances, then your final product might not work. If you’re putting together a complex assembly, the lack of precision will stack up.

At Rapid Axis, we always put precision first. Our proprietary quoting process includes programming and DFM on component features up front when required. As a result you’ll always receive parts that reliably assemble and work well.

Tighter tolerances allow you to design more precise assemblies. Your robotics will be more reliable and efficient thanks to the parts you get from our team.

Get Parts Faster

The bottom line is that your robotics company can’t waste time. Whenever you’re developing a new product or adding to your inventory, you need parts delivered quickly. This is another area where we do well.

Our operation is mature, and we have plenty of efficiencies built into our facility and capacity always available. What does that mean for you? Faster delivery on your parts, no matter how big or small the project is.

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Custom Parts and Assemblies

With so many versatile capabilities support; we can easily handle custom parts and assemblies. After all, your operation probably consists of mostly customized parts.

As long as you provide us with a design for the part, we’ll fabricate it, finish it, and send it to you. We offer off-the-shelf alterations as part of our COTS machining capabilities, but we mostly make customized parts for our customers.