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Energy Generation and Exploration

Rapid Axis is trusted by engineers at many major Energy Generation and Exploration companies for both our capabilities in both prototyping and production. With a variety of services supported, short lead times and quality guaranteed; the choice is simple.

Why companies choose Rapid Axis

Our History with Energy Generation and Exploration Companies

The industry of energy generation and exploration is booming both in renewable and traditional fields. New companies are popping up, and these could be your competitors. In order to keep your advantage and grow your business, you should partner with a reliable, high-quality machine shop and fabricator.

At Rapid Axis, our goal is to be the highest performing partner possible for you. We understand that recent changes are driving the progression of your industry, and we’re here to help.

With our energy generation and exploration companies in the past, our partnership had three focuses: high quality, fast turnarounds, and novel solutions.

We achieve these focuses by broadening what we had to offer. We can handle prototyping, low-volume, and mass production of parts. We have CNC machining, sheet metal, 3D printing, tooling and molding, and finishing capabilities that will deliver the best results.

Whatever you’re looking for in a manufacturing partner, you’ll find it at Rapid Axis. We want your business to succeed, and we can help you achieve that. We have experience in solar, energy storage, energy generation (oil, gas, turbine), oil processing, deep earth and deep sea exploration and can consult on materials, finishes and any other questions you may have about fabrication in those sectors.

All you need to do is provide a design, and we’ll handle the rest. You can reach out to our experts at any time and have a conversation. Our team is here to help.

Why Energy Generation and Exploration Companies Choose Rapid Axis

We have a number of reasons why Rapid Axis is the right choice for your energy generation and exploration company. Take a look and reach out to us today to get started.

Cutting-Edge Manufacturing

When you need cutting-edge solutions, you should turn to cutting-edge manufacturing. At Rapid Axis, we’re constantly updating our facilities and adding new equipment. We want to provide the best results to our customers, and this is one way to do it.

We offer metal 3D printing, injection molding tooling and operation, and plenty of finishing steps. If you want something built, we can handle it.

Get Fully Customized Solutions

Another unique trait of the energy sector is that you need customized solutions for your problems. We pride ourselves on our ability to make customized parts from scratch. We have extensive knowledge when it comes to fabrication, and this helps us handle custom parts.

No matter how complex, unique, or challenging your design is, our team can handle it. You won’t have to rely on off-the-shelf solutions or specialty products anymore, you can upgrade your process with custom parts.

An Auger Drills Into The Ground, Creating A Swirling Dirt Vortex As Soil Is Displaced, Capturing The Dynamic Motion Of Earth Being Excavated.

Fully Capable Prototyping

Since this industry is always driving innovation, it helps to have a fabrication partner that understands prototyping. Our 3D printing and CNC machinery capabilities make prototyping simple. You can iterate your design as many times as you need to, in order to get the best results.

Sometimes, you simply won’t know if a part will work until it’s made. That’s the importance of prototyping, after all. We will help you through the process, and we’ll make suggestions along the way from a manufacturer’s perspective. In the end, you’ll land on a prototype that checks all of your boxes, then we can help you transition to low-run and full-volume production.

Enjoy Fast Turnarounds

Another focus of our operation is turnaround times. Timelines can get tight, and there’s often no wiggle room for your project. Due to this fact, we make sure each project is expedited and we minimize the turnaround of our parts.

In other words, you’ll get your parts sooner when you choose Rapid Axis. We’ll ship directly to your facility. We inspect our parts before shipping in order to ensure you get the best quality parts and you never receive a defective unit.

A lack of fabrication quality and inspection might mean that you get parts you can’t use, and you need to waste precious time trying to fix the problem. Instead, you can trust our team to deliver parts correctly the first time.

A Worker In A Hard Hat Adjusts Equipment At An Oil Drilling Site With A Derrick In The Background Under A Cloudy Sky.

We Keep Tight Tolerances

Tight tolerances can make or break the success of your operation especially in machined components within energy generation and exploration. Tight slip fits, press fits and precision bores are common for end-use components. In the energy industry, an unplanned change to tolerances could completely change your product’s efficiency. As the market gets more competitive, you need all the leverage you can get. Rapid Axis can assure all tolerances are met as per customer provided drawings.

With tighter tolerances, your assemblies can be more reliable, more efficient, and produce a higher yield. This can make or break your product.

Our machines and processes have varying tolerances. If you need to hit incredibly tight tolerances, we’ll know which method is right for manufacturing. Our team is deeply passionate about manufacturing and we know a lot about this space. We’ll use that knowledge to help you get the best precision for each part.

Unlock a Lifelong Partnership

That leads to the topic of partnership. With some manufacturers, you’re just another customer to them. They’ll help you until it’s inconvenient for them, then they’ll ignore your calls.

At Rapid Axis, we want to see your company grow and expand. We’re here to help every step of the way, and we have the equipment to make your life easier. As we mentioned, we can help from prototyping all the way to installation and mass production of parts. Our goal is to be a reliable ally as your company shifts, grows, and introduces new products.

Thanks to the flexibility and versatility of our in-house equipment and operations, we’re here to help you for a long time while you transform the energy landscape.

A Large Portable Generator Mounted On A Dual-Axle Trailer, Parked On An Asphalt Surface Beside A Concrete Wall.