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Rapid Axis is trusted by engineers at many Industrial companies for our capabilities in both prototyping and production. With a variety of services supported, short lead times and quality guaranteed; the choice is simple.

Why companies choose Rapid Axis

Our History with Industrial Companies

Working for an industrial company comes with a lot of unique stressors. You’re typically dealing with large, customized, heavy-duty products. Most of the products you use and offer aren’t easily accessible, off-the-shelf items.

Something as simple as a support bracket might take you hours of shopping for a qualified shop, and weeks to vet them and put through a purchase order.

You’ll likely feel a sense of relief by having a manufacturing partner in your corner. When it comes to high-quality, affordable, customized parts, you can trust our team at Rapid Axis. We’ve been in this industry for decades, and we’ve worked with some of the biggest industrial companies you can think of.

As a partner, we’re here to help you with every project. We have a comprehensive list of fabrication, finishing, and prototyping services available. We can work with specialty metals, large assemblies, and structural units.

We provide every service under one roof, so you don’t have to shop around. We’ll make the part, anodize or powder coat it, evaluate and inspect it, then ship it to your loading dock. Every step that we do in-house will save you time, money, and stress during the project.

Why Industrial Companies Choose Rapid Axis

There are a lot of reasons why our previous industrial company customers chose us. Let’s speak to some of the industry-specific problems that we can solve for you.

Extensive Prototyping Abilities

Prototyping is one of the most important steps when it comes to industrial engineering. How many unique product numbers do you use in your operation? Depending on the scale of your business, you might have thousands of one-off parts that are being used under your roof. For industrial consultants, that number only goes up.

Each of these parts has to go through a certain amount of prototyping before the design can be accepted. A 3D model can do a lot, but it pales in comparison to a physical unit that you can showcase, use, and test.

Our CNC machining and metal 3D printing capabilities help us deliver prototypes even faster and at a higher quality than other shops around. We’ll take your feedback from the prototype as well as any updated drawings and fabricate as many units as you need.

A Robotic Arm Equipped With Pneumatic Tubes Operates In A High-Tech Laboratory. Surrounding It Are Various Pieces Of Equipment, Including A Monitor And Other Machinery. The Setup Appears Designed For Precision Tasks, Possibly In Manufacturing Or Research.

Fabricate with Quality in Mind

High-quality parts and assemblies can get you a lot further in this industry. For that reason, we focus on using high-quality materials, manufacturing methods, inspection, and finishing steps. We want you to have the best products possible.

Since your assemblies are larger and heavier than parts from other industries, then you need to focus even more on quality. With the wrong machine shop, you could get subpar parts that cut corners, leaving you with a mess to clean up. This is a safety issue and can destroy your timelines and budgets as you try to fix the problem.

You can avoid these issues altogether by shopping with Rapid Axis. We have plenty of experience in this space, and we know what’s required for you to get the best results.

Create Custom Assemblies

We assume that a lot of your parts and assemblies are custom-made. We do work with off-the-shelf parts, but our big focus is on making customized parts. All we need from you is a design, and we’ll take care of the rest.

We’ll source material, set up a CNC or 3D print program, and execute the project. All you have to do is wait a few business days, and you’ll have the fabricated part in a box at your front door.

Workers In White Cleanroom Suits Operate Machinery In A Brightly Lit, Modern Factory Or Laboratory. The Environment Is Meticulously Clean, With Several Workstations And Equipment Lined Up Against The Walls, Indicating A High-Tech Production Process.

Get Products Within Your Timeline

Another problem that you might experience is tight deadlines that you can’t change. Your projects are bigger, and they require more expertise and time to complete. Even with aggressive timelines, we can help.

We have a lot of efficiencies built into this company. They help us get products made, inspected, and sent out quicker than other shops in our area. You don’t have to explain to leadership why the project is late, you’ll get it on time with our shop.

Shorten Your Supply Chain

We’ve heard horror stories from some of our industrial customers about how unreliable the supply chain is. We had a customer that relied on six different companies to fabricate a single part for them. If any of the six made a mistake, then the whole order was ruined.

With a shorter supply chain, a few things happen: the turnaround times improve, the quality gets better, the paper trail for inspection is easier to follow, and the price decreases.

At Rapid Axis, we offer solutions for every step of production. We help with prototyping, low-volume production, mass production, finishing, CNC machining, sheet metal work, welding, tooling, molding, and 3D printing. Our extensive list of services was put together for a single purpose: to shorten your supply chain and help you unlock the benefits of one-stop shopping with fabrication.

The Image Shows A Complex Setup Of Industrial Pipes And Valves Inside A Facility With A Metallic Interior. Various Types Of Pipes, Gauges, And Control Systems Are Neatly Organized, Indicating A Highly Technical Environment Likely Related To Water Or Gas Processing.