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It is our mission to develop long lasting relationships with Engineers and Buyers by providing top notch custom parts and service to match. Whether your project is a quickly needed small quantity prototype job or your annual production run; Rapid Axis can help.

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Rapid Axis is happy to support your manufacturing needs whether it be for prototyping or production. With full capabilities in 3, 4 and 5 Axis CNC Machining, Sheet Metal, DMLS, Injection Molding, Urethane Casting and 3D Printing; we can support most organization’s full production development and production manufacturing needs. We strive for client satisfaction and aim to provide competitively priced, quality parts; quickly.


N. Deb,

Engineer at Design Firm

“I received the urethane castings this morning and they were perfect. Thank you for coming through for us on such short notice.”


Buyer at Leading Energy Company

“We’re glad we recently added Rapid Axis to our AVL. You guys are always quick and friendly and all the Machining jobs we have sent have gone smoothly!”


Buyer at Electric Car Company

“You guys are one of the easiest job shops I’ve worked with the last 10 years. You are responsive and competitive. We’ve appreciated the awesome work!”


Engineer at Robotics Company

“We had a time sensitive Sheet Metal enclosure with fairly strict cosmetic requirements. Rapid Axis came through for us and the parts looked great. The full build turned some heads at our Trade Show!”


Engineer at Energy Company

“Multiple 5-Axis CNC parts needed in less than 2 weeks. Parts arrived in 1 and ½ weeks perfectly packaged and ready to rock. They assembled nicely and worked great.”

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A lot of different industries use Alodine coatings for a number of applications. However, there’s a lot of confusion between an Alodine, chem film, and chromate conversion coating. To help clear things up, our coatings experts put together this piece.…

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The Difference Between 3, 4, and 5-Axis Machining

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CNC machining is an accurate and streamlined way to traditionally machine complicated parts. Did you know that some CNC machines are even more accurate and can handle more complex parts than others? It all boils down to how many axes…

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1936 Morgan Super Sport Restoration

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As an ambitious teenager in 1970s England, Terry Leary purchased and sold the car of his dreams - a 1936 Morgan Super Sport. A few decades, careers, and countries later, Terry has reunited with his dream car and painstakingly restored…

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