Urethane Casting Services

We support prototype and production Urethane Casting in both Silicone and Acrylic tools.


Urethane Casting

Rapid Axis can handle your Urethane Casting job regardless of size or quantity. From prototype market trial parts to full production runs for a large assembly, Rapid Axis has you covered. With over 5,000 resins to choose from and capabilities to finish machine, paint and assemble we will cover whatever your job’s needs may be.


  • We have access to over 5,000 resins for both soft and rigid parts.
  • We can also cast Silicone.

Post Process:

  • Powder Coat
  • Paint
  • Dye

….and more!

Request for Quotation

Upload your files and receive pricing or manufacturability feedback shortly! Quote times are one
business day for CNC, Sheet Metal, DMLS and Tooling. 2-4 hours for most 3D Printing. If we have any
questions, we will reach out to you shortly! STEP files are the preferred format.

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