Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) Prototyping & 3D Printing

We can support both prototype and production SLS projects across multiple materials.



SLS or Selective Laser Sintering is a primarily Nylon powder-based manufacturing process resulting in high strength parts with great environmental resistances and reasonable impact strength. Due to the porosity of SLS parts they have lower overall weight than most other 3D Printed parts. Nylon based powders sometimes have in-fill such as Glass and Carbon Fiber which can increase material performance and strength. Parts have a lightly textured surface. Our largest build envelope is 29″ x 16″ x 23″. For acceptable designs tolerances of +/-.010 for the first inch and +/-.0015 per inch for each additional inch can typically be achieved. Lead times for small projects are as short as 1-3 days!


  • Nylon 11
  • Nylon 12
  • Carbon Filled Nylon
  • Glass Filled Nylon
  • Fire Rated Nylon
  • Windform

Finishing Options:

  • Paint
  • Sanding/Tumbling
  • Sealing
  • Dyeing

…and more!

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