Stereolithography (SLA) 3D Printing & Prototypes

We can support both prototype and production SLA projects across multiple materials. Whether you need cosmetic parts or mechanical pieces, we can support your needs.



SLA or Stereolithography is a quick, high resolution 3D Printing technology utilizing UV Curable resins to build parts that appear and behave similarly to cast or molded plastics. SLA tends to have higher resolution and is more easily painted than other 3D Printing options. Materials tend to be similar to Injection Molded materials such as ABS or PC. Our largest build envelope is 25.5” x 29” x 21”. Tolerances are dependent upon resolution. We can ship parts in as quickly as 1-3 days!


We carry most SOMOS and Accura materials.

Finishing Options:

  • Paint
  • Sanding/Tumbling
  • Dyeing

…and more!

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